Osomatsu-san’s Karamatsu Gets His Coolness from Japanese Comedian NON STYLE Inoue

Osomatsu-san is currently one of this season’s most popular anime and what makes this anime so great are the personalities of the sixtuplets.

Recently, fans have been looking up pictures of Karamatsu, the brother who tries to act and look cool. But, when fans look up pictures of him, they are directed to some other pictures of someone else. That someone is NON STYLE’s Inoue Yusuke, a Japanese comedian who coincidentally(?) has the same character as Karamatsu.

Because of this comparison, it has started a popular hashtag trend on Twitter,  #カラ松の画像をアップすると似た構図のノンスタイル井上の画像が送られてくる. The hashtag trend was so popular that Inoue himself retweeted the news.


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