Get Your Drink on at the Mazinger Z Bar in Koreatown, Los Angeles

Unlike Japan, it is very rare to find an anime themed restaurant here in America. It makes sense because, well not everyone here in America love Japanese animation. But yesterday, I was able to go to a well known Korean bar in Koreatown, Los Angeles that had an anime theme. The place is called Mazinga Z, and yes you’ve guessed it. Its a bar that has a Mazinger Z theme.

A little history of those who don’t know what Mazinger Z is. It is a super robot manga written by Nagai Go and it was published in Shueisha‘s Weekly Shonen Jump back in 1972 and later published in Kodansha TV magazine in 1973. The series also had a TV anime adaptation in 1972 and later spawned several spin-off series such as Getter Robot and Mazinkaiser.

When you walk into the bar, the walls are covered in Mazinger Z posters. As an anime fan and a Mazinger Z fan, I was really excited. Unfortunately, the food there wasn’t themed but it was delicious.


The price might seem a bit pricey, which is why the best time to go is during happy hour, everyday (I might be wrong. It might just be the weekdays) before 9 pm. Everything on the menu is half off!

Other than their Mazinger Z theme, Mazinga Z is known for their huge alcoholic beverages (they are a bar so they gotta have the drinks). They get a huge glass, mix it up with booze, crushed ice, and dump a bottle of whatever they got. Remember kids, you have to be 21 or older to drink in America.

My girlfriend Jen (Bow x Tie) posing with our drinks.

They also had old school DC comics and Marvel posters up as well.


The experience was awesome. I kind of wish they used a red napkin or handkerchief to represent Mizuki Ichirou’s, performed the opening theme for Mazinger Z and many other anime series, iconic scarf instead of the black and white checkered sheets.


You guys should really go check the place out if you are in LA. A good time to go is probably during Anime Expo. Click here to check out their Yelp page.

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