Pokemon TCG has Become My Favorite Card Game

As many of you guys probably know I enjoy playing card games. Recently, the latest card game I’ve been enjoying and playing a lot is Pokemon TCG. Now, I’m sure many of you guys are thinking, “That card game still exists!?” Yes, it does and its really popular.


I remember when I first bought my first Pokemon booster pack. It was back in 1998 (I was 8 years-old at the time) when Wizard of the Coast was printing the card game. Honestly, I never knew how to play the card game back then. I just bought cards to collect them because, well it was Pokemon.

I got back into Pokemon late last year when a couple of my friends decided to make decks out of the blue. I built a couple decks and play tested them to find the right deck for me. Currently, I play a deck called “Manectric Bats.” Its a deck that mains Manectric EX as your attacking Pokemon and attack with Golbat and Crobat from the bench. Its apparently meta right now.

Its very easy to learn, the community is friendly, and best of all the cards are cheap. The most expensive staple card is Shaymin EX, which is about $35. You don’t really need the card unless you are playing competitively. I currently play casually with friends but I hope to enter some official tournaments in the future when I have the time.

Honestly, I was really getting tired of playing Weiss Schwarz. The rng (random number generator) factor was getting on my nerves as well as the luck factor. But after playing a stressful / salty game of Weiss Schwarz, I play Pokemon TCG and for some reason I just have loads of fun. I never get tired of playing it, even if I lose I just want to keep playing.

Pokemon TCG has become my new favorite card game.

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