Summer Comiket 2020 Might Move to Osaka or Nagoya Due to Olympics

When the Tokyo Summer Olympics in 2020 was announced, anime fans were worried about events occurring in the summer, especially summer comiket (comic market). Due to the amount of foreigners visiting Tokyo, Japan for the Olympics, there was talk that there would be no summer comiket for that year in order to prevent chaos.

But things have changed. It looks like there is a possibility that comiket 98 (if none of the other events get canceled or another event is added during a year) in 2020 will probably move to a different city such as Osaka or Nagoya.

This would of course take comiket away from its traditional Tokyo Big Sight location, but it will also give anime fans from other prefectures of Japan a chance to go to Comiket instead of traveling all the way to Tokyo to buy doujins.

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