Weiss Schwarz Puyo Puyo Set Adds New Color “Purple”

During today’s live stream on Bushiroad‘s anime trading card game Weiss Schwarz, it was revealed that the upcoming Weiss Schwarz booster set Puyo Puyo will be adding a new color to the game. That color is “purple.”

Only two cards with the color were revealed and it looks like it will only be those two cards.

12647045_10153490664763031_120321569943525704_n 12644733_10208875336182977_615740346769971590_n

There wasn’t any details on the ruling of the new color, but because both cards are level 0, they will be playable. Oh, and yes they are legal for any Puyo Puyo deck build.

Does this mean Bushiroad plans on adding the new color in future sets or is it just for Puyo Puyo?

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