Ace Attorney 6 adds New Rival Nayuta Sadmadhi

44512b73The official Japanese website for Capcom’s Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (Gyakuten Saiban) has revealed a new rival that will be added into the sixth installment of the series. The character’s name is Nayuta Sadmadhi.

Nayuta is a prosecutor of the Kurain Kingdom. As an international prosecutor, he’s qualified to carry out trials in courtrooms around the world. He has his own ideas when it comes to trials, and believes that a trial is a ritual to mourn the soul of the victim, and the sinner’s judgment will bring the the soul salvation.

He considers lawyers to be those who prevent that salvation, and challenges them with strong hostility. He has a soft demeanor, and normally speaks politely, but when it comes to the criminals and lawyers he detests, he is ruthless while still maintaining a calm expression.

Character description translation from Gematsu.

In addition to Nayuta, Capcom also confirmed that the “Mood Matrix” system from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies will return.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney 6 will release in Japan for the Nintendo 3DS this year. A western release is also planned.

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