ClariS Mini Album Cover Art Revealed, along with 4 new Postcard Illustrations

On March 2, 2016, the singing duo ClariS will be releasing their mini album “SPRING TRACKS – Haru no Uta-,” and it will of course contain their latest song “Hira Hira Hirara.” Illustrator Takano Otohiko will be providing the mini album’s cover art.

“Hira Hira Hirara” by Takano Otohiko

The limited edition version of the mini album will bundle with illustration postcards. Each post card are drawn by different illustrators and they image the albums songs.

“Sayonara Memories” by Taiki

“Sakura” by inumoto

“Ashita, Haru ga kitara” by NUKO-D

“Akai Sweet Pea” by NOB-C

Source: Animate

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