Fate/Grand Order: Valentine’s Day Event adds New CE & Nero “Bride”

Starting February 10 (Japan time), Fate/Grand Order will start its Valentines Day event. Like the past events, Masters will have to collect in-game items and exchange them other in-game items. This time its “chocolate.”

“Coin Chocolate” is a type of chocolate you collect to exchange with female Servants for crafts! Each class will have their own coin chocolate.

Players will have to farm the coin chocolates in the event quest. Of course there will be crafts that will raise the drop chance of these chocolates. Depending on what class Servant you put the crafts on, that Servant’s chocolate coin will have a higher chance of dropping.

For example, if you put the craft on a Saber class, the drop rate for Saber chocolate coins will increase.

The normal chocolate can be exchanged in the Da Vinci shop. Items that can be exchanged are:
Melty Sweet Heart Craft
Snake Jewels
Forbidden Pages
Homunculus Baby
Phoenix Plume
Dragon’s Reverse Scale
Octuplet Twin Crystal
Crystallized Lore
Saber Piece
Rider Piece
Caster Piece
Berserker Piece
Saber Monument
Rider Monument
Caster Monument
Berserker Monument
Mana Prism

A new gacha / hatcher will also be available adding in new crafts and of course a new Servent. Many of you thought that it was going to be Astolfo, but that post of obviously fake. Nero Claudius [Bride] from Fate/Extra CCC will be included into the gacha as an exclusive.


Nero Claudius [Bride]
Rarity: 5-star
MAX ATK: 11607
MAX HP: 14248
NP: Fox Kaelestis (Not official spelling) (Art)

Single-target, very high damage. Burn (5 turns), defense debuff (5 turns), and critical chance debuff (5 turns). Hit chance increase with overcharge.

Servants that also will get higher rate chance from gacha:
Artoria Pendragon
Jenna Da Arc
Tamamo no Mae
Francis Drake
Jack the Ripper

Melty Sweet Heart
Rarity: 5-star
ATK: 0
HP: 750 (max: 3000)
Defense increase by 100% against male enemies (3 turns) and star rate increases by 10%. Class coin chocolate drop rate increases by 2x.

Street Choco Maid
Rarity: 5-star
ATK: 250 (max: 1000)
HP: 400 (max: 1600)
Arts and Quick cards 10% up & HP heals by 20%. Class chocolate coin drop increases by 5x.

Kitchen Patissiere
Rarity: 4-star
ATK 200 (max: 750)
HP: 320 (max: 1200)
Star rate increase by 15% & NP increases by 15%. Class chocolate coin drop increases by 3x.

Namida no Valentine Dojo
Rarity: 3-star
ATK: 200 (max: 1000)
HP: 0
Equipped Servant will be granted critical hit and increases NP every turn by 3% and Charm reduced by 10%. Class chocolate coin drop increased by 1x.

There will of course be a quest in the Chaldea Gate where you can try Nero [Bride] out.

The event will end February 19.


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