Fate/Grand Order x Kara no Kyoukai: Two Shiki Classes & CEs

As the title of the article states, their will be two different Ryougi Shiki servants in the upcoming Kara no Kyoukai collab for Fate/Grand Order.

The Shiki on the left is the newly revealed Shiki, which will be in the hatcher as a Saber class. The Shiki on the right will be the previously revealed Assassin Shiki that we will get for free when clearing quests or earning points.

The game will go into maintenance on February 25 at 1:00 am to 7:00 am JST. This of course means that the collab will start February 25 and will end March 9.

The Assassin Shiki will be ascend-able with knives that can be traded with points in the shop. In order to participate in the event, players must clear Fuyuki. The new event story is written by Nasu Kinoko.

There will be missions in the new event. Such as “defeat enemy x times” or “obtain x number of items.” Special event drop items include “Black Cat Figures,” “Strawberry Ice Cream,” and “Bottled Water” as trading items. In addition to CEs that increase item drops, CEs that increase monster appearance rates are also included.

Black Cat Figures can be traded in for:
Beheader Bunny CE
Chaos Talons
Phoenix Plumes
Gold Skill Stones (All Classes)

Strawberry Ice Creams can be traded for:
3-Layer Barrier CE
Infinity Gears
Ghost Lanterns
Red Skill Stones (All Classes)
Cat Figures

Bottled Water can be traded for:
Summer C Voyance CE
Refrain CE
4 Star EXP
3 Star EXP
ATK Fous
HP Fous
Void Dust
Blue Skill Stones
Ice Cream

The new hatcher will of course include new crafts with characters from the Kara no Kyoukai series.

Ryougi Shiki
Rarity: 5 Star
Class: Saber
MAX ATK: 10721
MAX HP: 15453
NP: Mukushiki Kara no Kyoukai
Attacks all enemies (ignores defense), instant skill rate up, removes party debuff.

Top Doll Maker
Rarity: 5 Star
ATK: +400
HP: +250
+50% NP charge, Arts card power increase by 15% (3 turns), Cat Figure drop +1

Man of Age
Rarity: 5 Star
ATK: 0
HP: +750
+60% resistance to instant death, cat figure drops +1

A Colorul Dance of Fists
Rarity: 4 Star
ATK: +400
HP: 0
+800 attack damage, ice cream drop +1

Mystic Eyes of Distortion
Rarity: 4 Star
ATK: +400
HP: 0
Buster card power increase by 20%, defense decreases by 15%, ice cream drop +1

Repeat Magic
Rarity: 3 Star
ATK: +200
HP: 0
NP charge +20%, NP charge increases by 10%, Bottled Water +1

Rarity: 3 Star
ATK: 0
HP: +300
Quick cards increase by 5%, debuff resistance increase by 10%, bottled water drop +1

Beheader Bunny
Rarity: 5 Star
ATK: +500
HP: 0
Pierce invulnerable status, Quick cards increase by 8%, Seven Suicides appearance rate increases by 25%

3-Layered Barrier
Rarity: 5 Star
ATK: 0
HP: +750
Reduces enemy damage by 1000 (3 hits), Puppet appearance rate increases by 25%

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