GOD EATER “METEOR LIGHT” Arc Trailer Released

The official website of the God Eater TV anime has released a new trailer for episodes 10 – 13, which is the “Meteor Light arc.”

Its time to switch, Renka
Today’s share
Im home
If I get medicine, it will heal
Found it
Let’s run.
What are you?
Me? I’m a God Eater
Become strong
Do not pray in a world where God doesn’t exist
Why do you think strength exists?
Its of course to protect everyone
Im home
Renka, welcome home
Im going to help fath…
Iroha, take care of Renka
Such a stubborn little Brother, but to me you are blossoming flower in mud
Looks like we grew up
Im nothing compared to you sis
I will defeat the Pita(?)
I wont let anyone die anymore
Lets start
HQ to all teams, Operation Meteor Light Phase 1 start
Group start mission
Kill every single one of them
There is still insecurity for it to be complete, but if we get enough tests we can use it. Rika
Ill finish it as soon as possible
There is no other god eater than you that can go out. Head out. Utsugi
This is my Jinki
Its all yours
A human becomes a god, or a god become a human
We are!!!
Its the start of a race

Episode 10 will air March 5 and the rest of the episodes weekly.

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