Hatsune Miku Nendoroid Sings and Dances

Its very rare to watch Hatsune Miku perform live outside of Japan, but what if you can watch her perform right in front of you on your shelf or even desk, but not virtually?

There are tons of different types of Miku figures many put on top of their shelves. But, don’t you wish those figures danced and even sing? Well, Good Smile Company is currently working on something with those two aspects with their Nendoroid figure line.

Meet the Hatsune Miku Nendoriod that dances and sings.

Good Smile Company is partnering up with Yukai Engineering using their iDoll robotics frame with the exterior made and colored by Good Smile Company.

Yukai Engineering is stating that in addition to the singing and dancing, the iDoll will be able to greet its owners and even say some jokes. It is even said that the figure will have the ability to “communicate.” There is still little details on what the figure can do such as taking song requests and how long it can keep a conversation going. We just have to wait until the figure makes its official debut at this year’s Wonder Festival.

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