Kids don’t know what a Game Boy Advance SP is…

Before the Nintendo 3DS, there was something called the Game Boy. Its basically the predecessor of the 3DS.

Before we get to the article’s topic, lets go over a brief history of the Game Boy.

The original Game Boy released back in 1989. It was a bulky block looking system. In 1996, the Game Boy got a redesign to a smaller and lighter system called the Game Boy Pocket. Yes, it fit in your pocket. In 1998, Japan got an exclusive Game Boy called the Game Boy Light which had a lightening system. Also in 1998, the Game Boy Color released, which brought color to the games. In 2001, the Game Boy Advance launched and in 2003 the Game Boy Advanced SP launched.

This is where our article official starts. The Game Boy Advance has the shape of the 3DS and the SP has the hatch opening feature of the 3DS. Twitter user @hunahro916 posted that his younger brother, who is in third grade told him that his Game Boy Advance SP was a weird Nintendo 3DS.

I’m currently 25 years-old and this post just made me feel like I’m older than that.

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