Maeda Jun has a folder of Sakura Ayane Photos on his Desktop

During a live stream on Niconico Douga, Maeda Jun (creator of Little Busters!, Angel Beats!, Charlotte, Clannad) was using his personal desktop.

As fans look to see what kind of things the creator has on his desktop they find something out of the ordinary. Many would expect to see something kind of folder containing future or old projects, programs, scripts, etc., but what they found was a folder that was titled “Sakura Ayane Image Storage.”


Yes, the voice actress Sakura Ayane. Why does he have a folder of images of the voice actress? He might be fan. Its pretty normal for fans to save images of idols, movie stars, musicians of who they like right?

Sakura starred in Maeda Jun’s TV anime Charlotte as Tomori Nao.


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