Manga, Anime, & Video Game Artists Draw Each Others Pictures

Surutoo KANSAI, the company for the Kansai region’s PiTaPa ticketing smart card set, went around Japan and asked 10 professional artists to draw each others art, as part of their latest campaign to promote the features of the touch-and-pay system.

The starting illustration features commuters using the smart card, along with a train, a bus, some stores, and Pitamaru, the card’s mascot character.  The artists must recreate the picture above by playing a “Memory Illustration Relay” game.

The rules are simple. The first artist is the only one that gets to see the original drawing, followed by the next artist, who draws the first artist’s picture from memory, and so on. They have one minute to memorize the picture.

Artists such as manga artist Morita Masanori (Rookies, Rokudenashi Blues) and character designer Terada Katsuya (Blood the Last Vampire) participate.

Source: rocketnews24

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