Metabots Girls Mission will have a special move to tear clothes

Rocket Company has released new details on its upcoming Medabots: Girls Mission Nintendo 3DS game, the first Medabots game to be rated ages 15 and up in Japan. If you read on you will understand why.

The Hyper Finish can be used when the special move gauge is filled. The series’ familiar “Medaforce” special move will be triggered. However, if the gauge becomes 200 percent, a “Medaforce Burst” can be triggered.

When the Medaforce Burst is used to deliver the finishing blow, a command window appears. If you successfully input the command within the time limit, you can blow away the clothes of the opposing Medafighter with the “Hyper Finish.” Special move scenes are being prepared for each Medabot.


Source: Gematsu

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