Puzzle & Dragons: Ogres will Skill Up Beast Riders

In Puzzle & Dragons, there are two types of monsters players hate seeing, Golems and Ogres. Well, that is going to change. The official Japanese website of the game has announced that Ogres will now have skills.

Samurai Ogre: Fire & Wood Orb Change

Ice Ogre: Fire & Water Orb Change

Ogre: Water & Wood Orb Change

With these skills added to these monsters, it means that they will be able to skill up monsters who have the same skills. The monsters that have these skills are the Beast Riders: Dino Rider Wild Drake, Beast Rider Wiz Merlin, and Marine Rider Bard Robin. The three monsters already have skill up monsters, but they were all event only.

With the Ogres now getting this new skill and easy to get, players will be able to max skill up their Beast Riders as soon as possible.

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