Scare Your Partner with Cutness of the Bear Lingerie

The cat lingerie was one thing, now its time for a different animal to get rowdy in the bed. The “Kaizoku Kuma” or “Pirate Bear” lingerie is here! The lingerie is a five piece set with adorable designs.

The top half has the bear’s face with two fangs, and it has suspenders to keep it in place while underboobs can be seen.


The set will also include long sleeve fingerless gloves with paw prints, a pair of knee-high stockings with one white and one black, two furry hair ties, and the panties will have a bear-shaped keyhole on the back.


The lingerie will release in Japan sometime in March for 5,400 yen (about $47.94 USD). Chinese brand Nonori, the maker of the lingerie, is offering seven sets for sale via lottery by following their Twitter account and retweet the announcement before February 27. That tweet can be found below:

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