Tales of Berseria Reveals Two New Character Rokurou & Elenor

The latest issue of Famitsu has revealed two new characters of the upcoming Bandai Namco RPG Tales of Berseria.

CV: Kisho Daisuke
Character Design: Okumura Daigo
Age: 22
Height: 180cm
Battle Type: Two-Swords Swordsman
Weapon: Dual Swords

A cheerful and free-spirited young swordsman. A number of years prior, the Daemonblight disease broke out and he became a Daemon, but rather than be get him down, he used that power in order to master his family’s traditional sword techniques and continued to walk his own path. In the wake of a certain event, in order to repay a debt to Velvet, he joins her on her journey. While he carries his cherished long sword called the “Sword of Life” on his back, since he stubbornly does not want to take it out, he usually fights dual wielding daggers.

CV: Koshimizu Ami
Character Design: Fujishima Kousuke
Age: 18
Height: 165cm
Battle Type: First-Class Taimashi
Weapon: Staff

A Tamaishi who belongs to the “Seiryou.” As a first-class Taimashi, she runs about day and night in efforts to free the world from the Daemon threat. She is very serious and does not forget to be considerate of others, but there is a side to her that always tries to do the right thing. She tends to project her emotions easily because of her honest personality, but she is aware of her own immaturity and tries to devote herself to the heartless truth.

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Tales of Berseria is due out for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 in Japan in 2016. A western release is planned for PlayStation 4 and PC.

Source: Gematsu, Otakomu



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