Tamura Yukari’s Contract Ends with King Records

Tamura Yukari’s official fan club “Mellow Pretty,” King Records, and her agency I’m Enterprise announced on their official websites that Tamura’s contract with King Records will end on March 20.

King Records stated that they wanted to continue working with the voice actress and her official fan club, but respected Tamura’s own intentions regarding her activities going forward. Her agency and fan club websites stated that information about future activities will be on the renewed website once it reopens. The website will undergo renewal starting March 21. The staff Twitter account will also end on March 20 and the last broadcast for both Tamura Yukari no Itazura Kuro Usagi and Kissa Kuro Usagi ~Himitsu Kobeya~ radio programs will be on March 25.

Tamura’s fan club “Mellow Pretty,” will change ownership on April 1. Fan club members will be given more details regarding the change later this month.



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