The 5 Best J-rock Bands that Performed for Anime in the Early 2000s

Some of the best anime songs are performed by J-rock bands. Nowadays we have bands such as GRANRODEO, Blue Encount, Nico Touches the Wall, and tacica. The list goes on.

In the late 1990’s and early 2000’s J-rock was a huge thing, especially visual kei bands and of course anime was one of the main reasons why fans today know them. The list below contains five J-rock bands that performed songs for anime:

asian kungfu
Asian Kung-Fu Generation
AKFG was no doubt one the most listened to J-rock bands of the early 2000’s. They performed hit songs such as “Haruka Kanata” for Naruto, “After Dark” for Bleach, and of course their most famous song “Rewrite” for Full Metal Alchemist. Their most recent anime song is “Re: Re:” for Boku ga inai Machi.

la'arc en ciel
L’arc en ciel
Like AKFG, L’arc en ciel was no doubt one of the most listened to J-rock bands in the early 2000’s. Some of the songs they performed for anime are “Driver’s High” for Great Teacher Onizuka and “Ready Steady Go” for Full Metal Alchemist.

Orange Range
Orange Range performed their first anime song “Viva Rock” for the ending theme for Naruto and later performed “Asterisk” for Bleach. The band of course performed for several other anime series.

The band made their major debut with the opening song “D-technolife” for Bleach and later performed for many other anime series such as Blood+, D-Grayman, Gundam 00, and Arslan Senki.

High and Mighty Color
HMC first anime song was “Pride,” which was used for Mobile Suit Gundam Seed and become their best selling song. The band later performed for the anime Bleach with their song “Ichirin no Hana” which I believe spread their name around the world. The band disbanded in 2010.

There are of course so many more bands, but to me these were the top 5 bands that I believe were listened to most. If I left a band out, comment down below.

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