The Condom Belt is Here!

Okamoto, one of Japan’s biggest condom manufacturers, released a video documenting on a research and development of a new device created by a team of scientists at its Lovers Laboratory, a special unit dedicated to ensuring that the people of Japan practice safe sex.

The researchers are alarmed by the low numbers of people who carry condoms around with them, so they decided to create a device that would not only make sure the couples of Japan always have access to one of their Zero One brand condoms in the most stylish way possible.


The video starts off with interviews with citizens of Japan asking where they keep their condoms.

In the first test of the belt, the condom did not launch. The second test, the launcher was too powerful.

The researchers go to the factory in order to make the belt succeed.

The Prototype is finished!

The researchers find a test subject to use the belt.

The man goes up to his girlfriend and uses the belt.

It works!

The belt is not real by the way. Its just a video to promote Okamoto’s Zero One brand condoms.


Source: rocketnews24

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