Tokyo Disneyland & Disney Sea 1-Day Ticket Prices go up from 6,300 yen to 7,400 yen

Japan’s Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea will be raising their ticket prices starting April 1, 2016.

Adult ticket prices will go up from 6,300 yen ($54 USD) to 7,400 yen ($63 USD). Middle school and high school student ticket prices will be 6,400 yen ($55 USD) and Elementary school students and infants will be 4,800 yen ($41 USD).

The company announced that the reason for the sudden price increase is to improve the park by creating new attractions, expand more restrooms stops, and create more gardens.

Well, at least its still cheaper than the Disneyland here in California. Ages 10+ is $100 USD and kids 3-9 years-old are $93 USD.


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