Weiss Schwarz: The iDOLM@STER gets Red & Blue Power Up Set

The official Twitter account of Bushiroad‘s Weiss Schwarz has revealed that The iDOLM@STER set will be getting two power up sets, a red and blue one.

The picture also reveals more details how these power up sets will be packaged.

Both sets will contain 8 different cards with 4 copies each, making it a total of 32 cards. It will also bundle with a storage box, deck box, and pack of 60 HG sleeves. It seems like the red set will power up red cards and blue set will power up blue cards. The sets will retail for 3,500 yen (about $29 USD) and will release April 8.

It was revealed a while ago that both Log Horizon and Clannad were both getting power up sets, but no details on how it was going to be packaged was revealed. According to the post, the power upsets will vary.

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