Cheer Danshi!! Boys Cheerleading TV Anime Confirmed

Bandai Visual has released a promotional video revealing that the company will be producing a TV anime of Asai Ryou’s Cheer Danshi!! (Cheer Boys!!) boys cheerleading novel.

The trailer reveals that the anime will air July 2016.


Three cast members have been revealed:


Bandou Haruki – CV: Yonai Yuuki


Hashimoto Kazuma – CV: Okamoto Nobuhiko


Tokugawa Sho – CV: Ono Yuuki


Director – Yoshimura Ai

Original Character Design – Asada Hiroyuki (creator of Tegami Bachi)

Anime Character Design – Tsuruta Hitomi

Series Composer – Yoshida Reiko

Studio – Brain Base

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