Dakimakura that Talk Back to You!

“Dakimakuras” (hugging pillows) are one of the key items to full fill the fantasy of an otaku with their 2-D crush. But, the only thing owners can do with the pillow is hug them. What if there was someone out there that can help bring your wiafu pillow to life? Well, not really bringing it to life like walking around, but just to respond to your actions such as touching and squeezing?

Uchimura Koichi, a former researcher from Kyushu Institute of Technology, is currently developing a “talking dakimakuras” that responds to your actions towards it with his creation the “Itaspo.”

The Itaspo isn’t a button-activated speaker inside the pillow, but an item that lets the pillow speak when rubbing the pillow.

His first project was Makuraba Rina, which is the anime dakimakura below.


You can check out the video below to see how it works.

As seen in the video, the pillow responds to the owner depending on his/her actions. If you rub the Rin (pillow) nicely, she will respond with a happy response. If you rub some places such as the breast or private parts, Rina will get embarrass. If you are rough with her, she will get angry.

One of the questions many otakus are worried about is the repetitive responses. No worries, there are expansions that can be downloaded by smartphones and can be transferred into the pillow.

Last year, he started a kick starter seeking for 500,000 yen (USD $4,460) to develop the Itaspo. In the end, the kick starter raised 3.7 million yen. With this, the product will go on sell starting April 1 of this year.

Of course Rina isn’t the only talking dakimakura going on sale. Her older sister Yuka and her friends Kamitsuki Shion and Natsuki Shiho will also be available.


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