Fans Believe Mimori Suzuko got Married due to Ring on Finger

Voice actress and singer Mimori Suzuko appeared on the online show Monthly Bushiroad TV to advertise for the company’s latest Shiyoko expansion to the popular card game Weiss Schwarz (starting at 5.20).

As she promotes the upcoming expansion, fans have spotted that the voice actress is wearing a ring on her ring finger.


Due to this, fans released their rage and disappointment towards her on social media. She later responded to the criticism on her personal Twitter account:

Wait a minute! I married someone? (((;゚Д゚)) I had no idea…Putting jokes aside, I have an important announcement! My first national tour has been confirmed! The tour finale will be 2 days at the Budokan! My chest is full of joy and appreciation…Thanks♥

This isn’t the first time of an idol who has received criticism when it comes to marriage. Some agencies tell their idols to apologize personally to their fans, some even force them to leave their agency.

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