Fate/EXTELLA Magazine Screen Shots Leaked, Reveals Nero & Atillia Fighting a Huge Army

Just recently, I wrote an article that stated that Atillia (Saber) would be joining Marvelous’ recently revealed Fate/EXTELLA for the PS4 and PS Vita. We can officially confirm that she is indeed in the game. Fate/stay night creator Nasu Kinoko also hinted that the game might be a Musou-Type game, and it looks like that it true as well.

A couple of leaked images have popped up on the internet giving us a better look at the three main Servants and both Nero (Red Saber) and Atillia fighting a huge army.

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According the revealed magazine article by Famitsu, a text stated that a “form change” ability will be in the game. It is also said that the game will release sometime in 2016 and is currently 60% done.

The scenario of the game is being written by Nasu Kinoko and Sakurai Hikaru with character designs by Wada Arco. The story takes place after the Holy Grail War of the Moon.

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