Fate/EXTELLA’s Main Servants will be Nero, Tamamo no Mae, & Attilia!?

In the recently revealed magazine article from Famitsu of the recently revealed Fate/EXTELLA PS4 and PS Vita game, we know that both Nero (Red Saber) and Tamamo no Mae (Caster), the original Servants from the past two games, will be making their return as the game’s main Servants. While players can also choose the Archer class in the past two games (Fate/stay night Archer in Fate/Extra and Gilgamesh in Fate/Extra CCC), it looks like EXTELLA will not continue that tradition.

According to Ore Game, the third main Servant will be Atillia, a Saber class who made her first appearance in Delight Works Inc.‘s Fate/Grand Order mobile game.


This has not officially been confirmed, so we need to wait until the next issue of Famitsu magazine releases on March 17 with more details.

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