Fate/Grand Order adds First ‘Avenger’ Servant ‘Edmond Dantes’, New Event Details

Fate/Grand Order has released new details of the upcoming new event that will be held from March 16 to March 23. The event is titled “Kangoku-to ni Fukushu Oni wa naku.” The event will feature new Servant and the first ‘Avenger’ class, Edmond Dantes.

Edmond Dantes will be featured in a limited event hatcher as a 5-star Avenger. His rate is of course up along with some crafts.

Edmond Dantes (5*)
Class: Avenger
Max ATK: 12641
Max HP: 12177
Noble Phantasm: Enfer Chateau d’If (Quick)
Attacks all enemies, reduces defense (3 turns) and inflicts curse status (5 turns).

The new Avenger class deals and receives less damage against ‘Ruler’ Servants.

In order to participate in the event, players must first clear London.

Clearing daily event quests, players will receive the following rewards:
March 16 – 22: Golden Summon Ticket x1 (6 total)
March 23: Crystallized Lore

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