Fate/Grand Order’s White Day Hatcher adds Amakusa Shiro, Astolfo and Kid Gil

The official website of Fate/Grand Order has revealed that a “White Day” hatcher will be available starting from March 9 to March 16. The hatcher will include three new servants and crafts for a limited time only.

Amakusa Shiro (5-star)
Class: Ruler
Max ATK: 10972
Max HP: 14107
Noble Phantasm:
Twin Arm Big Crunch (Buster)
A powerful attack that hits all enemies, removes all enemy buffs and reduces Critical Star Generation for 1 turn (Increases with Overcharge).

Astolfo (4-star)
Class: Rider
Max ATK: 8937
Max HP: 11172
Noble Phantasm:
Hippogriff (Quick)
A powerful attack that hits all enemies, ignores defense and grants “Dodge” for 3 times and gains critical stars (Increases with Overcharge).

Kid Gil (3-star)
Class: Archer
Max ATK: 7696
Max HP: 8731
Noble Phantasm:
Gate of Babylon (Buster)
A powerful attack that hits all enemies, reduces Noble Phantasm effectiveness for 1 turn (increases with Overcharge), reduces Critical damage for 1 turn (Increases with Overcharge) and reduces Debuff Resistance for 1 turn (Increases with Overcharge).

Kiss Your Hand (5-star)
ATK: +500 (2000)
HP: 0
Increases Arts, Buster, and Quick cards by 10% up

Sensei to Boku (5-star)
ATK: 0
HP: +750 (3000)
NP charged at 50% at start of battle, critical star generation increases 300%

Versus (5-star)
ATK: +250 (1000)
HP: +400 (1600)
Increase damage against [Divinity] by 80% for 3 turns and increase defense against [Divinity] by 40% for 3 turns.

Gekka no Shihiki (4-star)
ATK: +400 (1500)
HP: 0
Increases NP charge by 12%, increase star Ggeneration by 12% and recover 200 HP every turn.

Glass Full Sweet Time (4-star)
ATK: +200 (750)
HP: +320 (1200)
Grants equipped servant [Surehit] and increases overall damage by 400% and decrease overall damage by 200%

Noisy Obsession (4-star)
ATK: +400 (1500)
HP: 0
Increase Critical damage by 15% and increase Noble Phantasm damage by 15% and increase [Charm] success rate by 12%.

Salon de Mary (3-star)
ATK: 0
HP: +300 (1500)
Grants self [Dodge] once and increase HP recovery rate by 3% and increase debuff resistant rate by 3%.

Prince of Slayer (3-star)
ATK: +100 (500)
HP: 160 (800)
Grants 1 Star per turn and increase damage against [Dragon] by 8%.

The rates of the hatcher for each day is bellow:
March 9: Amakusa Shiro
March 10: Amakusa Shiro
March 11: Amakusa Shiro, Vlad III
March 12: Amakusa Shiro, Zhuge Liang (Lord El-Melloi II)
March 13: Amakusa Shiro, Nikola Tesla
March 14: Amakusa Shiro
March 15: Amakusa Shiro
March 16: Amakusa Shiro

Players will also be able to choose one of the eight new crafts for free from the Chaldea Boys Collection campaign.

info_20160309_01_x29ud (1)
There will also be a special quest in the Chaldea Gate that will allow players to try out the new servants. Players will receive a Rider Piece, Archer Piece, and a Golden Ticket.

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