First Ever Gothic Lolita-Themed Kitchen Knives

A kitchen knife is a chef’s best friend. The kitchen knife is so special to them that some chefs get their actual knives made to fit their needs. Some even collect kitchen knives. Well, collectors might want to get their hands on the very first “Gothic Lolita Kitchen Knives.”


Created by a fourth generation Japanese blacksmith, these Gothic themed knives do have a very unique structure.

The “Juliette” has a dark theme. It’s handle has a soft black fabric material with a bow and the blade has a shape of a butterfly wing on the top of it with rose designs. The “Lappin” is a more cute design with white and pink stripes and a bunny head with bows at the end of the handle. The blade has three heart designs on the top of the blade and prints. The Juliette will cost 198,000 yen (USD $1,762) and the Lappin will cost 168,000 yen (USD 1,495).

Source: Nlab

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