GranBlue Fantasy’s Newest Character is a Drunk Demon Sister

GranBlue Fantasy is one of Japan’s most popular role=playing mobile games for both iOS and Android.

On February 29, the game announced a new in-game event, which will of course feature new characters.

The character designs are really cool, but one of the newest characters will probably give your hopes up. Meet Rumredda.

Rumredda, as seen above, is a drunken demon sister who seems to have a drinking problem. Before, the character released as a Super Rare (SR) character, but now she is a Rare (R) character.

Many speculate that she was demoted to an R rarity so that players can get her easily. Some even think that because she can’t hold her liquor she was demoted. Others believe that the R doesn’t stand for Rare, but rather “Reverse,” a Japanese-made English term meaning “to throw up.”

Whatever the reason, the art is brilliant.

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