Japan’s Prettiest Taxi Driver

In Japan, taxis are used a lot. Hell, they are used a lot everywhere. In Japan, the drivers are usually middle-aged men, but in Nakameguro, Ebisu, Japan there is a female taxi driver and she is pretty.

Her name is Ikuta Kei, and driving a taxi is a side job. Her main job is being a model.

Unfortunately, she is not able to make a living yet with her modeling job, so she decided to look for a second job. As she was searching, she noticed an ad that said “We support the young people who need the money to chase their dream!” Attracted by the words of the ad, she decided to apply to become a taxi driver at Asuka Traffic.

The passing rate on the first attempt is 20%. Ikuta studied desperately and in 2014 she made her debut as a female taxi driver.

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Source: livedoor

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