Jitsu wa Watashi wa Big Announcement is a “Stage Play”

On March 11, Media Gate opened up a website that reveals that Jitsu wa Watashi wa will be getting a stage play. The stage will be at Shinjukumura Live Theater from May 11 to May 15.

Oshima Ryo as Kuromine Asahi
Asuka Rin as Shiragami Youko
Wakabayashi Tomoka as Aizawa Nagisa
Nagayoshi Asuka as Akemi Mikan
Shiba Konona as Shishido Shiho
Katou Tomoko as Koumoto Akari
Takagi Yurika as Koumoto Akane
Miura Nanako as Shirogane Karen
Takahashi Karin as Kiryuuin Rin
Shinahama Saemi as Chijo Charisma

Anime News Network has confirmed that the previously announced “big announcement” is the stage play.


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