Macross Delta Cast Confirmed Along with 4 New Cast Members

The official website of the upcoming Macross Delta TV anime officially confirmed the cast of the series, and also revealed four additional cast members.

Hayate Immelmann – Uchida Yuuma
Freyja Wion – Suzuki Minori
Mirage Farina Jenius – Seto Asami
Mikumo Guynemer – Koshimizu Ami
Kaname Buccaneer – Yasuno Kiyono
Makina Nakajima – Nishida Nozomi
Reina Prowler – Toyama Nao
Keith Aero Windermere – Kimura Ryohei
Roid Brehm – Ishikawa Kaito
Theo Jussila – Minegishi Kei
Xao Jussila – Minegishi Kei
Bogue Con-Vaart – KENN
Chuck Mustang – Kawada Shinji
Messer Ihlefeld – Uchiyama Kouki
Arad Mölders – Morikawa Toshiyuki
Ernest Johnson – Ishizuku Unshou

Herman Claus – Endou Daichi
Casim Everhart – Ogami Shinnosuke
Gramia the 6th – Terasoma Masaki
Heinz the 2nd – Terasaki Yuka

It was also revealed that the anime will air on April 3.

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