New D. Gray-man TV Anime Trailer Reveals July Airing, More Cast, & Title

TMS Entertainment released a new trailer for the previously announced new D. Gray-man TV anime at AnimeJapan2016. The new trailer gives the first look at returning characters and even new cast members. It was also revealed that the anime will air July 2016 and it will be titled D. Gray-man: Hallow.

Allen Walker – CV: Murase Ayumu
Howard Link – CV: Tachibana Shinnosuke

Kanda Yuu – CV: Satou Takuya 
Lavi – CV: Hanae Natsuki
Lenalee Lee – CV: Kakuma Ai
Millenium Earl – CV: Aoyama Yutaka
Tyki Mikk – CV: Nishida Masakazu
Road Comelot – CV: Kondou Yui
Wisely – CV: Hoshi Souichiro
Alma Karma – CV: Asari Ryouta
d grayman

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