New Game TV Anime adds Takada Yuuki, Hikasa Yoko, Kayano Ai & More to Cast

During the New Game! TV anime stage event, it was revealed that Takada Yuuki, Hikasa Yoko, and Kayano Ai will star in the upcoming TV anime. Additionally, Yamaguchi Megumi, Toda Megumi, and Takeo Ayumi were also revealed.

Suzukaze Aoba – CV: Takada Yuuki
Yagami Kou – CV; Hikasa Yoko
Touyama Rin – CV: Kayano Ai
Takimoto Hifumi – CV: Yamaguchi Megumi
Shinota Hajime – CV: Toda Megumi
Iijima Yun – CV: Takeo Ayumi

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