Pile’s Newest Song has hidden “Thank You” message for Love Live!’s Nishikino Maki

Pile, who many know as the voice actress and singer for Love Live!‘s Nishikino Maki, is now a professional singer. In her latest song, “P.S. Arigatou,” from her new album, there is a hidden message towards the Love Live! character.


As you can see in the lyrics above, some of the words are bolded. The song is about to dream once more with someone, and after reading the bolded letters and words, we know that this message is towards the Love Live! character.

Maki-chan, I can finally say it… Thank you so much up until now. Because of you, I’m here. Please watch over me. P.S. Thank, you, so much.

In a way, it sounds like Pile is saying goodbye to the character. Will the voice actress ever voice the character again?

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