Pokemon XY Break Commercial Previews New Mew, Glaceon EX, Umbreon EX, Mega Catcher, & the Return of N

The official Pokemon Japan YouTube channel has released a new preview video of the upcoming Pokemon TCG XY Break booster pack. The video features several different cards from the new set.

The new Mew card has an active skill which allows it to use attacks from Pokemon that are in your own bench. For example, it will be able to use the new Glaceon EX attack. When the attack hits, the active Pokemon can not be attacked by evolved Pokemon.

Mega Catcher allows you to choose one of your opponents Mega Pokemon from bench and switch it with their active Pokemon.

Umbreon EX’s “End Game” attack deals 70 damage, but when it knocks out a Mega Pokemon you can draw an additional two prizes.

The video also reveals that N will be reprinted with new art. For those who don’t know what N does, the card makes both players to shuffle their hand and draw as many cards of how many prizes they have left.

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