Pokemon XY Break Commercial Previews New Omastar Break & Genesect EX

The latest Pokemon TCG XY Break booster box will be hitting store shelves in Japan on March 18. The official YouTube Channel for Pokemon Japan has released a video previewing the card effects for some of the upcoming cards. Mainly the new Omastar Break and Genesect EX.

The Omastar Break will allow players to switch an opponent’s bench Pokemon with his/her active Pokemon. As shown in the video, Shaymin EX is brought up and is knocked out by Aerodactyl.

Genesect EX attacks for massive 120 damage but looses an energy as a demerit. With Aerodactyl knocked out, that means Omastar Break has to become the active Pokemon. But with its effect, it can bring out another Aerodactyl.

In the end, the player would use Target Whistle to bring back an opponent’s Pokemon back to the bench, which would be Shaymin EX, and he would use Omastar Breaks’ effect to switch and knock out to win the game.

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