Sword Art Online Ordinal Scale Film to Release 2017

During the Dengeki Bunkou Haru Saiten 2016 event, the title of the upcoming Sword Art Online anime film was announced. The title of the film will be Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale and it will open in Japanese theaters in 2017.

Additional details of the film was also revealed.

“Ordinal Scale” is the name of the new game Kirito will play after both “Sword Art Online” and Gun Gale Online.” The game uses a new augmented reality device called “Augma,” and the game was made specifically for the device. The game will have a unique feature where players can raise their rank by defeating monsters and using items.

It was also confirmed that both Matsuoka Yoshitsugu and Tomatsu Haruka will both return as Kirito and Asuna. Kajiura Yuki will also return to compose the film’s soundtrack and abec has drawn a new visual that reveals the character designs for Kirito and Asuna’s Ordinal Scale characters.


Source: Dengeki Online

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