Toyosaki Aki to Release New Album “all time Lovin'” on March 23

toyosaki aki
Voice actress and singer Toyosaki Aki will be releasing her new album “all time Lovin'” on March 23. This will be her third album, which will include singles “Uh-LaLa,” “Portrait,” “Kanae Tame,” and “Delight.” Of course there will be new songs.

There will be two editions. The limited edition will bundle with a DVD containing the video “Clover” and the TV commercial.

all time Lovin’ CD Tracklist
1. Ginga Station [Lyrics: Kotringo composer / arranger: mito]
2. Clover [Lyricist / composer / arranger: aokado]
3. Uh-LaLa [Lyrics / Music: Ayano Tsuji Arrangement: SekiAtsushi Jiro]
4. Koisuru Love Letter [Lyrics / Composition: ROLLY Arrangement: Tomoki Hasegawa]
5. Houzuki [Lyricist / composer / arranger: 蔡忠 Hiroshi]
6. Delight [Lyricist / composer / arranger: Ayumi Tamura]
7. Tomato [Lyrics / Music: Jin platform Arrangement: Hashiguchi YasushiTadashi]
8. Portrait [Lyrics: Shin Furuya composer: Nakamura colleagues, Tomo Nakamura Arrangement: Tomo Nakamura]
9. Kanae tamae [Lyrics / Music: Yasushi Sato Arrangement: Theatre Brook]
10. Shamrock [Lyrics: Shin Furuya composer / arranger: SekiAtsushi Jiro]
11. Tower Light [Lyricist / composer / arranger: Akira Nagano]
12. Ichi sennen no sanpo chu [Lyrics / Music: Yuko Ando Arrangement: Toshiyuki Mori]

1. “Clover” Music Video
2. TV SPOT 15sec + 30sec


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