Uesaka Sumire puts Twitter Account on Hold because of Fans

Yesterday, voice actress and singer Uesaka Sumire took to Twitter that she will be putting her her account on hold, but will continue to use both her official blog website and LINE account.
The voice actress later wrote on her blog revealing the reason why she put her Twitter account on hold:

There have been several inappropriate replies to me on Twitter, and recently it has gone to the point where I decided to take a break from using the social media.

I understand that this is part of social media, but it is just too much for me, even though most of these replies are from fans who cheer for me.

Too fans who looks forward to every tweet, I apologize.

Even knowing that it will continue, its just difficult for me to take in.

Fans, or in Twitter terms “followers” would reply to Uesaka’s tweets with edited photos making it look like her clothing is see through or just commenting with inappropriate words.

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