Valkyria Azure Revolution Demo Review

My copy of SEGA’s Senjou no Valkyria (Valkyria Chronciles) Remastered finally came in and that means I got my code for the Aoki Kakumei no Valkyria (Valkyria Azure Revolution). The demo contains two missions. The first mission being the tutorial and the second mission a trial.

With the first mission being a tutorial, we get to learn how to play the game. For those who think that the game play will be the same as the past three games, its not. Valkyria Azure Revolution is an entirely new game.

Unlike the past games, Azure Revolution allows players to roam freely around the map without a walking limit. While in this mode, players can use the rifles at will, with a reload time. The mode also allows players to use items such as grenades and potions. You are also able to dodge any bullets by dodge rolling.

When using the grenade it was really hard to aim and as for the potion it will heal your entire party to full health, but if they are far away from you they won’t get healed. The potion will probably be your best friend because when getting hit by enemy bullets, it took a lot of damage. There didn’t seem to be an item that refreshes the player items so use them wisely.

Another big change to the game is non-other than the “close quarters battle,” “CQB” for short. This new feature allows players to fight the enemy with not only the rifles, but with close range weapons. You enter this feature when both you and the enemy get close.

When you enter this feature, there will be a small field. No character can get out or enter this field until one side is defeated. Your characters also change to their close range weapons and gain different and unique skills:

Amleth wields a gigantic sword and uses fire attacks to burn his enemies. He is a bit slow but deals a lot of damage.

Ophelia wields a rapier and uses ice skills. It doesn’t seem like the enemies freezes though.

Brigitte wields a dual-blade and uses wind and lighting to slash through her enemies. She also has an attack to help her back away from her enemies.

The gauge bar under the character’s health bar is the “Ragnite Point Gauge.” The gauge allows players to use the characters skills. The gauge will fill up when dealing damage to an enemy. On the bottom right of the screen shot above there is a small palette. It is called a “battle palette.” This is where the characters skills will be shown. According to Osawa Takeshi, the director of the game, players will be able to change the palette with different skills. Characters will learn new skills while leveling up.

A good strategy before entering CQB is to weaken your enemy as much as possible so that it makes it easier for you to defeat them while in the mode. A “Good Situation” obviously means that the situation is good for you and should be able to defeat the enemies with no problem. A “bad situation” will obviously be hard. I actually encountered this situation a couple times and it was hell. I took on twenty enemies and most of them would just shoot their guns at me and kill me instantly.

There will also be different status in the game. Depending on your character’s or enemy’s status it will affect everyone around them. There are status such as “rage,” which increases damage and “panic,” which decreases defense. There are only four status in the demo, but in the finished version there will be more.

It was also confirmed that “permanent death” is now in the game. You have 60 seconds to save the characters from the verge of death.

My final thoughts after playing the demo, it was really fun. Though, I do miss the old gameplay, I feel like this new mechanic gives the franchise a fresh new start. I really enjoy the RPG aspect where we can level up our characters to learn new skills and increase stats and the realism of war. The only thing I hated about the demo was the camera angles were a bit to sensitive.

Valkyria Azure Revolution is slated to release later this year and the 2.0 demo will release this summer.

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