Final Fantasy XV Must Sell 10 Million Copies to Recoup Expenses

final fantasy
During the Final Fantasy XV Uncovered event in Los Angeles on March 30, Square Enix revealed lots of new details on the game but the company also revealed some other stuff they spent money on. An expensive-looking film which features an all star English dub cast, an online 5 episode anime series, a custom-made Audi, figures, and so much more. It makes you think, how many copies does FFXV need to sell in order to recoup its expenses?

Kotaku UK is reporting that during a press conference, FFXV director Tabata Hajime revealed that the game needs to sell 10 millions copies in order to make back the money. Final Fantasy VII is currently the only game in the franchise to reach that number.

Square Enix better find a way to level up their ways in order to reach that milestone.

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