First Look at Reco Love with Screen Shots

Earlier today, it was revealed that the creators of Photo Kano will be releasing a new game titled Reco Love: Blue Ocean and Reco Love: Gold Beach for the PlayStation Vita. Both games will have same characters and setting, but the story developments and events differ for all heroines.

Dingo and Kadokawa Games have provided the first screen shots and game cover for the upcoming game that will release this summer in Japan.

Reco-Love-AmazonJP_04-27-16_002 Reco-Love-AmazonJP_04-27-16_004 Reco-Love-AmazonJP_04-27-16_005 Reco-Love-AmazonJP_04-27-16_006

Reco-Love-AmazonJP_04-27-16_008 Reco-Love-AmazonJP_04-27-16_009 Reco-Love-AmazonJP_04-27-16_010 Reco-Love-AmazonJP_04-27-16_011 Reco-Love-AmazonJP_04-27-16_012

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