planetarian Anime Confirmed as 5 Episodes and Movie, Staff & Cast Revealed

The official Twitter account of KEY Visual Arts upcoming planetarian anime project, has released a new trailer. Along with the reveal were cast, staff, and music artists. The anime will be a five episode web series with a movie.

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Ono Daisuke will voice Kuzuya

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Suzuki Keiko will voice Hoshino Yumemi

Director – Tsuda Naokatsu
Script – Yasukawa Shougo
Series Director – Nakayama Katsuichi and Machitani Shunsuke
Character Design – Takechi Hitomi
Mechanic Design – Ebikawa Kanetake
Prop Design – Uchida Shinya
3D Director – Nagasawa Yoji
Photography – Watanabe Arimasa
Editing – Hirose Kiyoshi
Sound Director – Yamaguchi Takayuki, Tsuda Naokatsu
Sound Effects – Koyama Yasumasa
Music – Orito Shinji, Tsuda Naokatsu

Sayaki Sayaka will perform the ending theme “Twinkle Starlight,” Ceui will perform the image song “Worlds Pain,” and Lia will perform the movie’s theme song “planetarian~Hoshi no Hito~.”

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