Reco Love More Screen Shots, First Details, and Cast Revealed

Kadokawa Games and Dingo has released new screen shots and the first details of the upcoming Reco Love: Blue Ocean and Reco Love: Gold Beach PS Vita game.

The protagonist (you) of the game is a second-year high school student who attends Mitsumi Academy, a school that consists of every grade from elementary to high school. You will attend the “Mitsumi Camp,” a two month program to study and exercise during the summer and deepen bonds with the game’s heroines to confess to them on the final day.

Instead of using “photography” like Photo Kano, you will use a “video camera.”  The game’s new feature “Reco Session” will allow you to shoot videos of the girl of your affection at various poses and angles. The game will use the PS Vita’s motion sensors to make it seem you are actually holding a real video camera in hand. A single video can only be recorded for 30 seconds. The reason for the short recording time is so that fans can upload it to social media. For example, you can only upload a video with the recording time of 30 seconds. Of course this means that the videos can be converted into MP4 files. So you can upload them to Facebook, YouTube, Niconico, and of course your computer.

The setting of the game is on a private beach, so you can record videos on the beach. You will be able to change locations four times a day during breaks and after school. During these location changes events with a girl may occur and it is the chance to increase the bond with them through conversations.

Like it was stated in our last article for this game, the two versions will have different scenarios and outcomes. Another difference is that in Blue Ocean you are a part of the “Cute Movie Club,” which the student council president Misaki Nagisa is the president. While receiving advise from her younger sister, Mana, you will develop bonds with classmates, drama club members, and main heroine Sagara Miu, and of course other characters.

In Gold Beach, you are a member of the “E-Movie Club,” which Doumoto Seiya, who is pretty erotic, is the president. You will receive advice from his older sister, Yuina, and develop bonds with the game’s main heroine and exchange student Marianna Prinsilla, and other characters.

Although the characters appear in both games, almost everything is different, from story to event scenarios and even poses when recording videos. The game is fully voiced and will feature voice actresses Toyama Nao, Shimamura Yu, Ueda Kana, MAO, Uchida Maaya, Ishikawa Yui, Iguchi Yuka, and Kakuma Ai.

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Thanks to gematsu for translations.






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