Fukushima Rila Joins DreamWorks’ and Scarlett Johanson’s Ghost in the Shell Film

fukushima rila
The Hollywood Reporter has reported that Japanese actress Fukushima Rila will be joining DreamWorks Pictures’ and Scarlett Johanson’s upcoming live action Ghost in the Shell film.

To many, Fukushima is known for playing Yukio from 2013’s Wolverine and Katana on The CW’s Arrow. There is still no word on who she will be playing.

The upcoming film is based off the popular manga of the same name, the story follows Kusanagi, a cyborg that is a member of the cybercrime-fighting task force known as Section 9. Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders will be directing the film with Johanthan Herman and Jamie Moss writing the script.

The film is slated for a March 31, 2017 release.




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