Idol Tomita Mayu in Critical Condition After Fan Stabs her 20 times

On May 21 Saturday, idol Tomita Mayu (20 years old) has been hospitalized and is currently in critical condition after being stabbed more than 20 times before a scheduled appearance at an event.

The stabbing occurred just outside the concert hall venue in Kogenai. The idol was stabbed in the neck, chest, back, and arms. She was rushed to the hospital shortly after the incident.

Soon after police arrived they arrested a 27-year-old man named Iwazaki Tomohiro, who was holding a bloody knife. He admitted to the crime. Last month, Tomita reported to the police that Iwazaki was posting obsessive comments to her on social media.

The stabber told police that he approached Tomita before the show and asked her why the gift he tried to send her was returned to him, and he became angry when she didn’t give me a clear answer. Iwazaki is being charged of attempted murder.

Due to his incident, several idol meet and greet events were canceled.

Source: Tokyo NP




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